How is the Dental Implant procedure done?

Many customers are interested in the Dental Implant process which greatly affects the effectiveness of restoring lost teeth. To help customers feel more secure when using Implant technique, let’s follow the details of the implant procedure below.

How effective is the Dental Implant procedure?

Dental Implant is a dental restoration technique that requires high skills of the doctor. Therefore, the Implant procedure, when performed according to the standard steps by a qualified doctor, will be very effective in many aspects such as:

Improve chewing function

Dental Implant method restores both the root and chewing surface, so it ensures very high certainty. Implant posts can help customers improve chewing function like real teeth. Customers can freely consume their favorite foods without too much abstinence.

Non-invasive, not affecting other teeth

The Dental Implant procedure only performs surgery at the position of the missing tooth without invasive or affecting other teeth to help customers preserve the maximum real teeth.

Prevent bone loss, receding gums

If you have lost a tooth for a long time, not being treated in time will lead to the condition of the jawbone at the position of the lost tooth gradually disappearing. The gums no longer have jawbone to cling to, so they also recede.

Other methods of tooth restoration such as porcelain bridges, removable dentures do not restore the tooth root, so bone loss and gum recession still occur.

However, as for the Implant process, due to the improvement of the root part by the Implant post, there is absolutely no bone loss or gum recession.

Prevent bone loss, receding gums

Long lifespan

The Implant post is made from high-quality titanium material, so it ensures a long lifespan without causing irritation to the jawbone or oral cavity.

If customers know how to take care of their teeth carefully, avoiding infection around the implant position, they can prolong the time of using the Implant forever.

In which cases is the dental implant procedure applied?

Dental Implants bring high restoration efficiency, but do not apply to all cases of customer’s teeth. The Dental Implant procedure is applicable to the following cases:

  • Customers who have lost one or more teeth, need to restore the lost teeth.
  • Broken, damaged teeth affecting the roots of the teeth
  • Customers who have lost teeth have good health conditions, do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure,…
  • Customers who have lost teeth must be over 18 years old
  • Customers who have treated their teeth with other tooth restoration methods but are not effective, want to apply Implant technique.

The dental implant procedure includes the following 3 stages

In order for the Dental restoration process to take place in the safest and most effective way, the Implant process needs to go through 3 main stages as follows:

The dental implant procedure includes

Stage 1: Placing the Implant in the jawbone

The surgical stage of placing the Implant into the jawbone is considered the most important stage in the process of implanting teeth.

Doctors need local anesthesia to minimize pain for the patient. The surgical process is carried out in a sterile, closed environment, ensuring no infection after treatment.

The Implant post is surgically placed and placed deep into the jawbone to replace the denture root. The placement of one or more Implant posts depends on the number of missing teeth that need restoration.

The process of placing the implant into the jaw bone is done quite quickly, it only takes 20-30 minutes.

Stage 2: Waiting time for the wound to heal

It takes about 4-6 months after the surgery for the Implant to fully integrate with the jawbone. The implant post has a certain compatibility with the jawbone and has become stronger and more fixed.

The time for the Implant to be compatible with the jawbone is different for each person, depending on the type of Implant the customer chooses, the location of each person, the ability to recover from the wound, the oral care regimen after surgery…

Stage 3: Make dentures on the Implant post

After the Implant post has a certain connection with the jawbone, the doctor will make a false porcelain crown on the Implant post to completely restore the lost tooth.

Dentures are delicately crafted with the same size as the lost teeth, the color matches the color of real teeth.

Whether the Dental Implant procedure is successful or not depends a lot on the qualifications and skills of the doctor. Therefore, customers need to carefully choose a dental facility that ensures quality and reputation for the treatment to take place more smoothly and successfully.