Can people with high blood pressure have Dental Implants?

Whether people with high blood pressure can have Dental Implant is a question that concerns many customers, especially for those with high blood pressure. Dental Implant is a modern technique of replacing missing teeth. Listen to your doctor prescribe this technique for unstable blood pressure.

Is the Implant method suitable for all cases of tooth loss?

Dental Implant is the most advanced solution to restore lost teeth by placing the Implant post into the alveolar bone, it acts like a real tooth root. After that, the abutment is inserted , attaching the porcelain crown to the top. 

Dental implants are used for the majority of conditions. However, not all cases are eligible for Dental Implant.

The following are some cases that must be approved by a doctor to be allowed to apply the method of implant restoration:

  • Children under 18 years old: During adolescence, the jawbone of the child is not fully developed. Therefore, when placing the implant post, the risk of affecting the jaw bone structure is very high, even causing misalignment of the bite, eating and chewing difficulty.
  • Pregnant women: During the surgery, anesthesia is required to reduce pain. This is not good for the health of both mother and baby. Therefore, pregnant mothers cannot carry out the method of implanting teeth.
  • In case of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and especially high blood pressure.

Can people with high blood pressure have Dental Implants

Why should people with high blood pressure be careful when using Implant technique?

Experts say that people with high blood pressure should listen to the doctor’s advice and be cautious when restoring teeth by Implant method.

According to statistics of the Vietnam Heart Association in 2015, our country has about 47.3% of people (equivalent to 20.8 million people) have high blood pressure.

Among them, the proportion of people with high blood pressure includes:

  • 39.1% of people do not know they have high blood pressure, accounting for about 8.1 million people.
  • 7.2% of cases are untreated, accounting for about 0.9 million people.
  • 69% of people have not controlled the disease, accounting for about 8.1 million people.

Why should people with high blood pressure be careful when using Implant technique

Statistics also show that the proportion of people with high blood pressure is increasing, mostly middle-aged and elderly people with the disease. This age group wants to perform dental implants need to be very careful with the following:

  • During the process of placing the implant to replace the lost tooth root, the doctor will use a certain amount of anesthetic for the purpose of pain relief. However, in the composition of anesthetics there are vasoconstrictor substances that make blood pressure unstable. Thus, it is very difficult to carry out Implant placement.
  • Unstable psychology is also one of the causes of sudden increase in blood pressure. Excessive anxiety and fear of pain make the heart beat faster and contract continuously. As the blood flow rate increases, high blood pressure occurs.

Can I have a dental implant with high blood pressure?

People with high blood pressure are among the group that need to be carefully considered and monitored before carrying out Dental Implant procedure.

However, according to a specialist, people with high blood pressure can still have Dental Implants as long as their blood pressure is controlled within a safe level. Specifically, blood pressure from 140/90mmHg to 160/100mmHg is allowed, if the reading is above 160/100mmHg, it is necessary to treat blood pressure to a stable level.

Before performing the restoration, the dentist works with a specialist in treating high blood pressure to control and maintain high blood pressure at a stable threshold and prepare machines to monitor blood pressure during implant placement.

Can I have a dental implant with high blood pressure

Besides, to avoid sudden increase in blood pressure during surgery, dentists should equip:

  • Blood pressure monitor, blood pressure stabilizer before the Implant restoration.
  • Performed by a doctor with real experience in the field of Implant dentistry. Only in this way can the whole process take place safely and bring positive results.
  • Be careful in the use of anesthetics and mandatory use of drugs that do not cause vasoconstriction, to avoid arising situations.
  • People with high blood pressure often cannot avoid expressing excessive anxiety and nervousness before surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to chat and share with customers to reduce stress.

What should be noted for people with high blood pressure to make the Implant process safe?

Regular checkups and keeping blood pressure levels stable is essential. Besides, it is necessary to follow the following notes to ensure safety during the Dental Implant process.

Stay positive

Always keeping an optimistic and happy spirit is an effective way to help stabilize mood, not to make blood pressure increase erratically. This is also the doctor’s recommendation for people with high blood pressure.

If patients feel comfortable, the process of Dental Implant will take place gently and safely.

Measures of blood pressure control

Although high blood pressure does not present many symptoms, it has potentially dangerous complications. Therefore, controlling blood pressure is essential and users must ensure strict compliance. Especially the following notes:

  • Use medications to treat high blood pressure as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Lifestyle change: give up harmful habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol. Stop eating fried, greasy foods that are difficult to digest if you are overweight. Reduce salt in the menu. At the same time, combine exercise, rest and maintain gentle exercise for the elderly.

When blood pressure is well controlled, it is convenient to perform Dental Implant procedures in case of missing teeth. Not only is it safe during the procedure, but it also reduces the risk of harm to the body.