Straumann SLA Implant and 3 outstanding advantages

The Straumann SLA Implant is a high-quality pillar line with the highest molar compatibility, the fastest healing time and the greatest durability. The only disadvantage of this type of pillar is probably the cost of up to 35 million per tooth, twice as much as Korean products.

Straumann SLA Implant

Straumann SLA Implant, originated from Switzerland, is an improved post from the Straumann Implant line with exclusive surface treatment technology SLActive.

The Straumann Implant surface is manufactured based on SLActive technology and can help shorten the healing time, and integrate quickly after the Implant surgery.

The post is made from pure Titanium material used in dentistry. The outside is covered with a biofilm with the advantage of water activity, so it is easy to implant and compatible with the jawbone.

As a result, the Straumann SLA Implant can be used for most cases of tooth loss.

Straumann SLA Implant
Implant Straumann

Is the Straumann SLA Implant good to use?

Straumann Implant has a diverse structure suitable for many patients with tooth loss.

Straumann posts have good bearing capacity. It is easy to put the post in the jawbone with limited invasion. Straumann SLA Implant is made of safe and benign materials, licensed to be implanted on the human body.

During the use of Straumann pillars, damage at the bone grafting and lifting sites will be prevented. The small size is therefore suitable for many subjects with spongy bones and bone deficiency.

The Straumann SLA implant post is covered with a specialized biofilm. Thanks to this special membrane, the process of integrating the pillar with the jawbone is shortened.The recovery time is shortened from 3 – 6 months to 6 – 8 weeks.

Advantages and limitations of the Straumann SLA Implant 

The Straumann SLA implant post brings many advantages, and there are a few limitations as follows:

Advantages and limitations of the Straumann SLA Implant 


The surface of the Straumann SLA post is designed with a macroscopic roughness at the position of the titanium surface. Acid corrosion process will take place more strongly with a macro rough environment. Thanks to this action, bone cells have ideal conditions for attachment.

According to many documents, the compatibility and stability of the SLA surface is superior to that of other types of Implant. The rate of stability in the jawbone ranges from 95.1% to 98.8%. The condition of jaw bone loss decreased by an average of 0.5mm to 1mm after 10 years of rehabilitation with the Straumann SLA Implant.


The disadvantage of Straumann Implant is that the price is slightly higher than that of other abutments. Therefore, when customers intend to restore their teeth by this method, they should financially prepare in advance.

Advantages of Straumann Implant – a new breakthrough thanks to SLActive technology

Straumann Implant Post is considered a breakthrough in the dental technology industry thanks to the following characteristics:

Minimize healing time

Straumann Implant is named “the water implant” with the ability to integrate into the bone quickly. High-quality Titanium material helps people who have lost teeth to shorten the recovery time by 3 to 4 times. SLActive technology is delicately designed to increase adhesion and bonding between bone cells.

Quick effect

The dentist uses a deep thread to place the Straumann Implant directly into the jawbone in a single drill. Surrounding the thread are grooves, pillars, and posts to increase the connection and adhesion to the jawbone. After a stable compatibility period in the jawbone, the Implant placement efficiency is higher.

In addition, titanium material is appreciated for its bearing capacity and great durability. Users when placing the pillar have the feeling of eating and chewing as authentic as natural teeth.

Life-long usage time

Compared with all conventional dental implant materials, Straumann SLA Implant is considered the most effective solution for tooth loss. This is an appropriate application of Implant for most different defects. Especially, it only needs to be done once, the post can be used for a lifetime without new technical intervention.

Frequently asked questions about Straumann Implants

Here are some common questions about Straumann Implants:

How long does it take to install Straumann SLA Implants?

The time for placing Straumann Implants takes place in about 6 weeks. Thanks to the structure of standard twisted threads, wide thread pitch, and surface treatment according to SLA technology, the time of Dental Implant is shortened. This is also the outstanding difference of Straumann SLA Implant compared to other implant lines.

Frequently asked questions about Straumann Implants

Do Straumann Implants reduce bone loss?

Experts confirmed that, thanks to the chewing pressure acting on the Implant post when placing Implant Straumann teeth, jawbone loss is reduced significantly.

In particular, the post plays the role of supporting the jawbone of the lost tooth. Thanks to the steady impact of chewing force on the Implant post, it is possible to prevent bone loss.

Is the ability to integrate with the bone of the Straumann Implant post good?

The level of bone compatibility with Straumann Implant is very good as the post is made of pure Titanium, assessed as benign, safe for the body. The Implant process does not cause complications, and is biocompatible quickly. Performing the procedure at reputable dentists will not cause Abutment fracture, Abutment or Implant rejection…

Notes when choosing types of Implant posts

When intending to choose an implant, customers should note the following points:

Choose the type of post that is suitable for the condition of your teeth and bones

Listen to the doctor’s advice on what is the most suitable pillar line for your bone and tooth condition. For cases of low jaw bone loss, single missing teeth, we should choose capacitors from the United States and Korea to save costs. If bone loss is severe, and all teeth are lost, customers should choose pillars of: Nobel Biocare, Tekka or Straumann,…

Choose the prestigious Implant brand

The longer the history of the brand, the higher the level of trust and value. Some famous brands of Implant posts that are chosen by many people are: Osstem (Korea), Tekka (France), Dentium Superline (USA). These products all apply the most modern technology to bring good quality beyond expectations.

Choose a post with a good warranty

High-end implant posts will have a reputable warranty from the supplier. Some lines of Straumann or Nobel Biocare Implant abutments offer long-term warranties from 25 years to a lifetime.

Choose a safe and affordable Implant post

When visiting quality dentists, customers will be advised by a specialist on a safe and highly effective type of Titanium post. In addition, people who need to place Implant should also consider the price to match their financial situation.