Dentium USA Dental Implant – Advanced solution

Dentium USA Dental is a popular Implant post thanks to its 6 outstanding features: rigidity, long lifespan, fast integration, prevention of bone loss, applicability to many cases. With a fairly reasonable price of 24 million per tooth, Dentium is at an average level compared to other implant lines, running from 16 million to 35 million.

Basic information about Dentium USA Dental Implant


Dentium Dental Implant post is a line of posts researched and manufactured at Dentium Co., Ltd. – USA. This is a famous manufacturer of Implant posts and Dental Implant systems in more than 80 countries around the world. 

Currently, the company’s production facilities are located in Korea and the United States and have obtained ISO 13485. Implant Dentium is the leading brand in the market of popular abutments in Asia and around the world.

Structure and design

Dentium Implants are made of 100% pure titanium. Titanium is an extremely benign material, commonly used in dentistry such as braces, porcelain crowns, etc.

The post consists of 3 parts: the Implant post (the part that is implanted in the jawbone); Abutment and finally a porcelain crown .

The cylinder is exquisitely designed with a small diameter. The elongated shape helps distribute the force evenly across surfaces. Especially on implant crowns, there are dual groove systems that help speed up the integration process with the jawbone, shortening the time of Dental Implant. 

How long does it take to implant the Dentium USA?

For this line of pillars, the time for bone integration is about 3 to 6 months. The time for the Implant post to integrate with the bone also depends on the client’s location and post-treatment care. For some people, it can only take within 1 month to integrate.

Expert reviews: Dentium USA Dental Implant post is not the most advanced line. However, they are favored by many people for their durability and  benignity. This post can be applied in all cases of tooth loss such as loss of front teeth, molars or even jaws. 

How long does it take to implant the Dentium USA

Dentium USA Implant post and its outstanding advantages

Ability to integrate with the jawbone quickly

In addition to the optimal design, the outside of the Dentium Implant post is also covered with a biofilm called TiUnite which helps accelerate the process of Implant integration.

Applicable to many cases

Dentium posts are indicated for cases such as: loss of 1 tooth, loss of many teeth at once, loss of the entire jaw. The post has many sizes: short, long, large, and small to fit each jaw area.

Prevention of jaw bone resorption

Dentium Implant post will prevent the process of jaw bone loss . Because after about 3 months of tooth loss, the sockets of the teeth and gums are reduced. Nerves gradually disappear.

If not handled in time, the dental alveoli will be a place to store a lot of plaque, gradually creating bacteria that cause periodontitis, bad breath and many other complications.

Relatively long lifespan

Dentium Implant posts can be used for a lifetime if performed by a skilled dentist. In addition, customers also need to take care of their teeth in accordance with the instructions to protect the post for a long time.

Firm, good chewing force

The American Dentium Implant post has a very low rejection rate. Because titanium material is very compatible with the body, the integration success rate is as high as 99%. Customers do not need to worry much about the post being eliminated, causing inflammation of the oral cavity.

This type of post also has a very high rigidity, thus good bearing capacity. If the Implant process is finished, the post can help customers eat comfortably and feel the food like real teeth.

Firm, good chewing force

Reasonable price

Dentium USA implant post has a mid-range price. This is suitable for many customers from students, newcomers to middle-aged people. Besides, it has good quality compared to expensive posts in Germany, Sweden, France.

Choose a reputable address for safe American Dentium Implant

Although the Dentium Implant post is considered good, whether the performance is good or not depends largely on the place of implantation.

To implant the Dentium Implant quickly and safely, customers need to choose the most prestigious treatment place. Specifically the address:

  • Having a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists
  • Having a system of modern facilities
  • There is a customer care service.

Customers can find information on social networking sites. Websites, facebook, youtube,… are the platforms where we can get the most information. Or you can come directly to the facility to experience consulting services, observe the system of facilities in person… 

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