Criteria for choosing a Dental Implant address

Dental Implant is a highly effective method of restoring teeth. Where is the best place to get the Dental Implant is the question of many customers. Choosing which dental address to perform directly affects the results of Implant teeth.

Criteria for choosing a reputable Dental Implant address

There are many newly appearing dental clinics, so to choose a reputable Dental Implant address, you need to consider many aspects to evaluate the quality of a dental clinic.

Dentists’ experience and skills

The expertise, capacity and experience of the dentist greatly influence the transplant process.

A good dentist will control the insertion of the Implant into the jawbone with absolute precision, adjust the depth in the correlation with the adjacent teeth,…

If the Implant procedure is done by an inexperienced dentist, it will be very dangerous for the customer.

Just one mistake is enough to cause serious consequences for customers such as implant posts rejection, dental diseases,…

Skilled dentists in the field of Dental Implant need to meet the following factors:

  • In-depth training of Implant techniques
  • Have a certificate to be allowed to perform Implant surgery
  • Have experience in Dental Implant placement for at least 54 months

It can be seen that the experience factor of the medical team greatly affects the quality of surgery, the effectiveness of the method and ensures absolute safety for the patient.

Dr.Nguyen Anh Ngoc

New updated machinery and equipment system

In addition to the professional qualifications of the dentist, modern machinery, equipment, and technology also contribute a significant part to the effectiveness of the Implant procedures.

Thanks to this, the Implant surgery steps will be achieved with more accuracy and patient safety is also guaranteed.

The time it takes for the Implant post to integrate with the jawbone is also shortened. 

A reputable dental facility will invest a lot in facilities, advanced machinery systems, modern treatment technology,…

These factors will contribute to optimize the treatment for the client.

New updated machinery and equipment system

Long-term operating license

A license to operate is an essential requirement for a reputable and quality dental facility. Licensed dental facilities are those that have been recognized by accrediting agencies.

Equipment, supporting machinery, and expertise of the medical team are always available to meet customers’ demand.

Only a few reputable dental facilities which can ensure the quality of treatment, equipment system, and treatment technology have been granted operating licenses by the Department of Health.

Some small dental facilities are now operating underground. It will be very dangerous if customers trust them and perform Implant Dentistry at these facilities.

Therefore, customers need to pay special attention to the operating licenses of a dental facility.

Origin and quality of Dental Implant materials

Quality-assured dental facilities will be honest with patients about the origin and materials of Implant materials.

For Implant technology, the material of the Implant post or porcelain crown is very important. Whether these materials are good or not will directly affect the compatibility and integration of the post with the jawbone, as well as the strength of the post and the porcelain crown.

Quality and reputable dental clinics need to provide customers with documents proving the origin of the materials used. Then customers can rest assured when using the service from the dentist.

Where is the prestigious place to get Dental Implants?

Dental implant method is not an easy technique to perform. On the contrary, it requires dentists of high expertise and experience.

A reputable dental address of Dental Implant service is Home Dental – 30 Trieu Viet Vuong Street, Nguyen Du Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi. 

Home Dental has long been famous for being a German standard dental clinic in Vietnam.

This address is famous for its team of leading medical doctors and dental experts in the country.

Home Dental Clinic easily gives customers the first-class experience of an international standard treatment.

At Home Dental clinic, there are good and highly qualified specialists. This is also the core factor leading to the success and popularity for Home Dental today.

nha khoa home

Images of customers experiencing Dental Implant service

Dental Implants help customers restore teeth effectively, have the ability to chew like natural teeth, moreover, this technique also helps to regain natural beauty and aesthetics.

Some pictures before and after customers experience the Dental Implant service at Home Dental: