5 must-know criteria to choose the best Dental Implant

Choosing a good, suitable Implant helps to increase the connection between the denture root and the jawbone, tissue and blood, improve the restoration efficiency, ensure chewing function and aesthetics. Here are 5 must-know criteria to choose the best Dental Implant.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental Implant is the process of placing a titanium tooth root into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth root. When the Implant post is integrated into the jaw bone, the doctor will restore the teeth by placing a porcelain crown or porcelain bridge on top, then fix them so that they do not slip or move in the oral cavity.

Implants are recommended by doctors to ensure chewing function and aesthetics. Here are the outstanding advantages of Dental Implants that are highly appreciated by experts and recognized by patients as effective:

  • The implant post is made of pure titanium material, so it is hypoallergenic and safe for the body. 
  • Thanks to titanium material, the implant post is firmly integrated into the bone, ensuring chewing like real teeth.
  • Dental implants have high aesthetics.
  • The implant post has high mechanical properties, is not rusted or worn, so it is absolutely safe for the body. Implant lifespan is up to more than 20 years, even a lifetime if properly cared for.
  • Implant is a method to prevent the consequences of tooth loss such as gingivitis, protrusion of opposite teeth, jaw bone loss, bad breath, gap between teeth, adjacent teeth are displaced…
  • Placing the implant post only affects the position of tooth loss, does not damage or affect adjacent teeth.
  • Implant technique is applicable to all cases of missing teeth that need to be restored.

What is a Dental Implant

Why should you choose Dental Implants carefully?

Whether a house is strong or not is largely determined by the foundation of it. Same with a tooth. To be able to comfortably chew and crush food, each person needs a strong and stable tooth. 

In implantation technique, the implant post acts as a real tooth root, which can integrate with the jaw bone and provide patients with lost teeth strong and functional replacement. 

Choosing a Dental Implant that is suitable for the jawbone structure helps the integration process to be quick, shortening the treatment time.

5 criteria for choosing the best Dental Implant

Choose pure Implant posts

The Implant post is implanted directly into the jawbone. For the jawbone, the post is considered a foreign body.

Although the titanium material has a high compatibility with the jawbone, it still takes some time to bond together. After a while, the new jaw bone can firmly hold this artificial tooth root.

Therefore, the material for the Implant post should be selected carefully. The purer the titanium, the higher the ability to integrate with the bone.

The high positivity helps the post to prolong its life and not cause any irritation to the jawbone and the body.

Choose strong Implant posts

The role of the Implant post is to replace the lost real tooth root and act as a support for the porcelain crown above, creating the force to perform the task of chewing. Thus, the post must withstand the impact force for a long time.

Therefore, when choosing a Dental Implant post, special attention should be paid to rigidity. Posts need to have high strength and rigidity. When placing Implants at a reputable dentist, the doctor will directly advise the patient to choose the most suitable type of Implant post.

In dentistry, posts are made from many different materials. In particular, they are made from materials such as titanium, zirconia, UCLA, e.Max which are considered to be the strongest and most durable. They can completely replace the previous aluminum posts.

Titanium posts have biocompatibility and high durability, so they are most commonly used in restoring lost teeth.

Choose strong Implant posts

Prioritize choosing Dental Implant with good bone integration ability

Before performing the function as a real tooth, the implant must integrate well with the new bone without being rejected.

The higher the bone integration ability, the stronger the denture root. The Implant post connects to the bone and tissue in the mouth quickly, which also helps to shorten the time and cost of treatment.

When implanting, in addition to prosthetic technique, the quality of the post is an important factor, determining the ability to integrate bone quickly or slowly.

Place the Implant post with a suitable small size

To ensure that the process of placing the post in the jaw bone is good, effective and does not affect the adjacent teeth, the patient needs to choose a small size and diameter post. This helps the post to connect with the jawbone quickly, shortening the treatment time.

For example, when placing an Implant at a location with a narrow groove size and to replace teeth with a small neck diameter, or missing maxillary and mandibular incisors (where the intermediate width is limited to less than 6mm), patients should choose an Implant with a diameter of less than 3.5mm to reduce biological invasion to adjacent teeth.

Consider the cost of dental implants

To choose a good and suitable Implant, patients should not simply rely on cost. It is obvious that quality products with high-quality materials will be more expensive.

But the more expensive Implant cost does not equal the more effective Implant process. The high success rate of Implant placement depends largely on the dentist.

Common types of dental posts

Straumann post from Switzerland

Previously, for the implant post to fully integrate with the jawbone, the patient had to wait at least 4-6 months. But today with the development of science and technology, the time to implant teeth is significantly shortened thanks to the introduction of the Straumann post from Switzerland.

The post is excellently designed with the surface treated with modern technology. The post has a spiral shape, the outer surface is covered with a special biofilm to help the implant integrate quickly with the jawbone in just 1 month.

Straumann post from Switzerland

Dentium Post from Korea

This type of post is the most commonly used in the world. Time to integrate with the jawbone within 3-4 months.

Dentium posts have a lifespan that is not inferior to European ones. If the patient takes good care and hygiene, the implant teeth can still last a lifetime.

Dentium Post from Korea
Nha khoa uy tin

Serious consequences when choosing a low quality Dental Implant post

Placing Dental Implants requires complex implementation techniques. Patients need to choose a reputable dental address with a team of good, highly qualified doctors and provide quality Dental posts.

If you do not choose a good one, you may face risks such as:

Broken or rejected Implant post

If the material of the implant post is not good, it can easily lead to breakage or rejection. 

Patients should choose posts manufactured from countries famous for their Dental materials such as the US, Korea, and Switzerland to avoid this phenomenon.

Too short or unavailable warranty for Dental Implants 

Using poor quality implant posts is the leading reason causing inflammation, swelling and pain at the post placement. If not treated in time, the inflammation can cause serious inflammation of the gums, jawbone and gums.

The short warranty period affects the benefits of customers. At this time, they have to spend extra money to replant the post, causing unexpected costs.

Painful swelling or inflammation

Because it is made of bad materials, the ability to integrate with the jaw bone is low, making the post easily damaged, reducing the chewing function.

Allergies, incompatibility with the body

Conventional implant posts are made of titanium material, which is anti-rust, wear-resistant, highly biocompatible and difficult to be rejected.

But if the patient is not careful, choosing the wrong post of poor quality, it can easily cause irritation of the oral cavity, affecting overall health.

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The result is strong, durable teeth that are exactly like real teeth for a lifetime of results.