Top 8 most prestigious dental facilities in Ha Noi

If you are looking for a reputable dental facility in Hanoi, you can’t miss Home Dental Clinic, Dentomaxillofacial Central Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital’s Dentomaxillofacial Department and some other names in the following article. These are the leading addresses with good service quality, a team of good dentists and modern facilities.

Top 8 most prestigious dental facilities in Hanoi

Choosing a reputable dental address is an important factor to determine the success of the examination and treatment process. Here are the top 10 leading prestigious dental facilities in Hanoi for you.

The most prestigious dental clinic in Hanoi – Home Dental 

In Hanoi, Home Dental Clinic is a place specializing in dental health problems that are popular to many people.

This is a pioneer dental clinic in German standard dental services. With 5-star service quality, Home Dental always brings the best experience to every customer.

The team of dental doctors of the unit are all highly qualified, experienced people who have been trained at leading medical universities domestically and internationally. Moreover, they constantly improve their knowledge by regularly having a team of highly qualified and experienced dental doctors, the clinic also has a senior advisory board who are leading professors in the dental industry.

In addition, in order to ensure the quality of dental services, Home Dental also invests greatly in facilities. All equipment and machinery are 100% imported from developed countries in the world such as Germany, Japan, USA, etc.

Moreover, to ensure an effective result after every treatment, the clinic focuses on maintaining a sterile environment. Every staff at Home Dental follows the aseptic standard technique strictly. There is a surgery room and a separate sterilized room so that the surgeries can take place safely without infection. All the equipment and tools are also carefully sterilized. Therefore, customers can enjoy a safe and comfortable service without the fear of complications post surgery.

Home Dental address: 30 Trieu Viet Vuong street, Nguyen Du ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Ha Noi.  

nha khoa home

Dentomaxillofacial Central Hospital

As a unit under the Ministry of Health, the Dentomaxillofacial Central Hospital is a familiar address that is trusted by many people when they have dental problems.

However, when you come here, please note that you should go early, because the hospital every day is crowded with patients. Therefore, it will take longer to wait for your turn.

In Hanoi, you can visit the hospital at: 40 Trang Thi, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

Hanoi Medical University Hospital’s Dentomaxillofacial Department

The Dentomaxillofacial Department under Hanoi Medical University Hospital is famous all over the country with modern treatment technologies, a team of highly qualified doctors and dentists.

The Dentomaxillofacial Department here always ensures the best quality and prestigious treatment for each patient. People who come here for dental diseases treatment can be completely assured.

Address: 1 Ton That Tung, Trung Tu, Dong Da, Ha Noi.

Bach Mai Hospital’s Dentomaxillofacial Department

Similar to the Hanoi Medical University Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital is also extremely famous for its Dentomaxillofacial Department.

Bach Mai Hospital, which specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery, receives and treats thousands of cases every year and has very good treatment results, which are highly appreciated by everyone.

Address of Bach Mai hospital: 78 Giai Phong, Phuong Mai, Dong Da, Ha Noi.

Military Hospital’s Dentomaxillofacial Department

Military Hospital 103 has been built and developed over the years with the mission of providing high quality medical services to the community. With a team of experienced and highly qualified medical doctors, this is one of the leading dental and maxillofacial hospitals in Vietnam.

With a deep understanding of the structure and function of the maxillofacial, the hospital’s medical team will provide detailed and accurate analysis of your oral health condition.

Address of Military Hospital: 261 Phung Hung, Phuc La, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.

Viet Duc International Dental Clinic

Well-known international dental center like Viet Duc has long been trusted by the majority of customers and this is certainly a prestigious dental clinic that you should not miss out on.

With a dedicated commitment and customer service, the team of dentists at the clinic constantly strives to bring the perfect smile to every patient. The large investment in modern equipment and advanced dental technology is an implementation of the commitment to constantly improving service quality.

Address: 84A Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

Viet Phap International Dental Clinic

Viet Phap International Dental Clinic is one of the leading medical facilities in the field of dentistry in Vietnam. With more than 15 years of experience, the unit has been bringing the best quality of service to customers.

The unit will meet all of your dental needs, from basic services such as teeth cleaning, whitening, to complex treatments such as Implants, orthodontics and dental restorations. With a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, Viet Phap will bring you the perfect smile and confidence in your teeth.

If you are looking for a dental clinic in the Hanoi area, you can visit the dental clinic at the following 3 locations:

  • 6 Thai Ha street, Dong Da district, Ha Noi.
  • 24 Tran Duy Hung street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi.
  • 262 Cau Giay street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi.

Parkway Dental

With nationwide coverage, Parkway Dental is also one of the prestigious dental addresses in Hanoi that is selected by many customers. Not only specializing in orthodontics and Implants, Parkway also provides many other services such as scanning and storing digital medical records, video treatment plan and treatment plan supported by AI. .

Being a pioneer in applying technology, Parkway Dental uses CAD/CAM (3D printer) to personalize treatment solutions. This results in high precision and efficiency, giving you a perfect and confident smile.

In Ha Noi, the unit currently has two branches.

  • 328 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.
  • 4th floor, Building 29T1 Hoang Dao Thuy street, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

Criteria for assessing prestigious dental clinic addresses

The list of facilities above is not randomly mentioned, but most of them are sorted based on criteria such as medical staff, equipment, technology, etc.

Highly skilled medical team

A team of highly skilled doctors and nurses is an important factor to build a name, reputation and credibility for a dental facility. With expertise and high skills, the medical team not only provides quality services, but also brings absolute trust and peace of mind to customers.

A team of highly skilled dental professionals ensures that diagnosis, examination and treatment are carried out accurately and efficiently. With extensive dental knowledge and practical experience, they are capable of meeting the most challenging customer requirements, while delivering optimal results.

Equipment, high technology

In order to support doctors to successfully complete the examination and treatment process, it is impossible not to mention modern equipment and advanced technologies.

Modern and advanced dental equipment will create optimal conditions for doctors in diagnosis and treatment. High-quality medical imaging systems and exclusive diagnostic tools provide accurate and reliable analysis. The combination of modern equipment and advanced medical information technology helps to synchronize the patient care process and enhance the working efficiency of the medical team.

Therefore, any dental unit that ensures this factor will help customers receive treatment faster, easier and more effectively.

Sterilized environment

Sterility is one of the most important conditions for a health facility. For a dental clinic, a sterile environment will guarantee that no infection is happening during the customers’ visits and treatments. Moreover, a sterilized environment also eliminates the possibility of cross-infection. This will minimize the chance of complications, protecting the customers and also the doctors’ health. 

To meet the sterile standard, the dental clinic needs to have a separate operating room. All the equipment and tools used in the dental treatment must be sterilized.

Care service, warranty

When looking for a dental clinic in Hanoi, it is extremely important to consider customer service. From the reception and service consultation to the post-treatment stages such as post-operative care and warranty, every detail plays an important role in your experience.

Successful dental facilities are the ones that really put the customer first. They bring professionalism, dedication and build trust. When you are warmly welcomed and receive thoughtful service advice, you will feel secure in the treatment process.

Moreover, post-operative care and reliable warranty are also indispensable factors. Good dental facilities will ensure that you are cared for and supported after treatment to ensure long-term satisfaction and credibility.

Financial support, installment payment

The cost of dental examination and treatment is not cheap. However, to help customers feel more secure about their finances, many dental clinics now offer financial support and low-interest installment policies.

Financial support and low-interest installment payments not only help customers access dental services easily, but also reduce the financial burden during the service experience. By providing flexible payment options, dental units help customers manage their personal finances effectively.

This opens the door for everyone, regardless of personal financial situation, to receive quality dental care and maintain good oral health. Financial support and low-interest installment policies play an important role in ensuring that everyone can access quality dental services, while providing customer satisfaction.