Age restrictions for getting Dental Implant

In addition to the problems of health conditions and costs, the age limit of Dental Implant for men is from 18 years old and women from 16 years old. Because this is the time when the jawbone has developed stably, there is no change in the bite. Besides, you need to be accompanied by many other conditions such as stable health, do not use stimulants,…

Conditions for Implant teeth

Dental Implant is the most modern missing tooth replacement technique, which is highly appreciated by dentists for its effectiveness.

However, this is not the right approach for everyone. To be able to perform Dental Implant successfully and ensure health, you need to meet the following conditions:

Firstly – The density of the jawbone must be sufficient: If the density of the jawbone is too low and thin, it is not possible to proceed with implant placement firmly. In such cases, the doctor will prescribe an artificial bone implant.

Second – Stable health: The patient needs to be in good health, without any chronic diseases. If any, measures to ensure control are required. Even dental diseases need definitive treatment from the beginning.

Third – Old enough: This is a method with a certain age limit for implementation. In cases of being underage, Dental Implant surgery will significantly affect the development of jawbone as well as teeth.

Fourth – Do not use stimulants: The stimulants will affect the bio-integration of the implant a lot. Therefore, before and after the new Implant, do not use stimulants such as beer, alcohol, tobacco …

Conditions for Implant teeth

The appropriate age for Dental Implants

Doctor Nguyen Anh Ngoc (Home Dental) said, the appropriate age to perform Dental Implants for men is over 18 years old and for women is over 16 years old.

Because this is the time when almost everyone’s jawbone and bite has developed a stable width and height and no longer changes. Thus, if the implant is placed, it will be stable and not move.

These are also the conditions that need to be met when performing Implant that we mentioned above.

In addition, when children are underage, it also means that there is no stable development in both quantity and quality of jawbone, the bite still has changes. So when the jawbone is still growing, the doctor needs to delay the placement of the Implant.

However, the issue of the appropriate age for Dental Implants must still be a concern for many people, especially with the 16-year-old and 14-year-old.

The appropriate age for Dental Implants

Age of dental implants – Can 16-year-olds get Dental Implants?

According to Dr. Ngoc, for women over 16 years old, it is possible to carry out implant placement.

Because women will develop before men, by the age of 16, most girls have fully developed their jawbone, the bite has been stabilized and there is no change.

Age of dental implants – Can a 14-year-old child get dental implants?

For both men and women,the age of 14 is a period of developing bone structure in the maxillofacial region. Therefore, 14-year-old children cannot have Dental Implants to replace lost teeth.

The condition of the jawbone at that time was still not guaranteed in terms of density and quality.

On the other hand, because the jawbone and teeth have not yet developed stably, the implant post is likely to be moved later.

Is it painful to perform a dental implant?

In fact, the process of installing the Implant will not cause us any pain thanks to the support of anesthetics along with modern machines and advanced technology.

But as the Implant will be inserted directly into the jawbone, with invasive effects during the implementation, after the anesthetic wears off, you will feel a little pain, discomfort but not significant.

Pain and swelling after Dental Implant surgery will take place within 2-3 days, then gradually decrease and disappear.

However, you do not need to worry too much because usually after the Dental Implant, the dentist will prescribe pain relievers, anti-inflammatory and instructions on how to take care of yourself at home very carefully, so the above situation will reduce quickly.

Is it painful to perform a dental implant

When to plant Implant teeth?

According to dentists, the best time for implant placement is after about 3-6 months from the time of permanent tooth loss. Because this is the time when the missing tooth has completely healed and the jawbone has not been destroyed, ensuring the conditions for placing the Implant.

If you lose your permanent teeth for a long time, the jawbone will definitely be destroyed a lot, the thin bone density cannot support the Implant pillar firmly, directly affecting the results of dental restoration.

Solution when children can’t have Implant teeth yet

For children who have lost their permanent teeth but are not old enough to have Dental Implants, the most effective alternative is to use a space maintainer.

A space maintainer is a dental appliance made of plastic or metal, with two different types, removable and fixed.

The purpose of the space maintainer is to keep the necessary space when the tooth is missing or there is no tooth at that position, ensuring the normal development of both the jawbone and the bite.

Accordingly, the child only needs to use the maintainer for a certain period of time until the jawbone has developed stably and meets the conditions, then the Implant process can be carried out.

It can be seen that the age of implantation will have a certain difference in men and women. On the other hand, not everyone who is old enough for Dental Implant can have an Implant due to many other conditions. So, if you want to know exactly whether you can have Implant teeth with your current situation, you need to go to a reputable dental address to check directly.