ServicesPrice in USD
General dentistry 
Examination and consultationFREE
3D CT conebeam scan$18
Teeth cleaning & polishing (calculus level 1-2)$10
Teeth cleaning & polishing (Calculus level 3)$12
Dental filling$10/unit
Aesthetic dental filling$24/unit
Root canal treatment 
Root canal treatment (front teeth/bicuspid)$44/tooth
Root canal treatment (premolar)$66/tooth
Root canal treatment (molar)$88/tooth
Root canal retreatment (front teeth/bicuspid)$66/tooth
Root canal retreatment (premolar)$88/tooth
Root canal retreatment (molar)$130/tooth
Cosmetic dentistry 
Home bleaching$66/set
In-office teeth whitening$108
In-office teeth whitening combines with home bleaching$174
DDbio full porcelain crown$217
Emax full porcelain crown$304
Nacera full porcelain crown$348
Emax full porcelain veneer$304
Laminate veneer$435
Gummy smile treatment$44/tooth
Tooth removal 
Tooth/root extraction$14-$22
Wisdom tooth extraction using Piezotome (upper)$65
Wisdom tooth extraction using Piezotome (lower)$108

Individual implant

From $1000/tooth

Implant Straumann Switzerland

From $1400/tooth

Implant Nobel / Active USA 

From $1300/tooth

Implant Dentium Made in Korea

From $800/tooth
Bone graft$200
Sinus lift$200-$250
Gingivitis and periodontitis 
Periodontal treatment$14/tooth
Periodontal treatment with laser$65/arch
Orthodontic treatment 
Metal bracesFrom $1500
Ceramic bracesFrom $2500
InvisalignFrom $5000
Baby tooth removal$2.5
Baby tooth filling$5/unit
Cleaning and polishing$5

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