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Home Dental Clinic is founded by Dr Nguyen Anh Ngoc, who graduated in Germany with excellent grade in dentistry.  He had 12 years studying and working in Germany and was honored to be one of 10 most excellent graduates in 2013. He is also a member of Schleswig-Holstein dental association. Return to Vietnam, he established his own dental clinic, recruited a passionate qualified team, including doctors and nurses with the desire to bring German standards and quality to everyone in his country.

Dr Ngoc and Dr Christopher from the Embassy of Germany in Vietnam

Home Dental Clinic is located in the heart of Hanoi with space is about 300m2. All equipment and machinery are imported from Germany as well as the hospital standard sterilization. It is said that Home Dental Clinic is one of the largest and most modern dental clinics in Hanoi. In 2017, Home Dental was proud to be the first German standard clinic in Hanoi, verified by Embassy of Germany in Vietnam. And we are still the only one until now.

Our vision is to be the most friendly dental clinic in town with the highest treatment quality, but at very reasonable price. We have been quickly become the top choice of everyone, from little children to the elderly whenever they have a problem with their teeth. We are proud to serve thousands of local patients as well as international patients who are expats in Hanoi or those who visited Vietnam for their dental holiday. The quality of Home Dental Clinic is not only seen at the number of patients. We are a trusted place of those who works in medical field, those who know best what the good choice is.

If you want to find a decent dental clinic to stop all your dental problems, please feel free to contact us at 0914665656. It's our pleasure to support you.

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