In spite of the name 'wisdom teeth', they are considered as the most annoying things in our mouth. They have no function in our occlusion but cause pain, erosion cavity to the most important teeth (teeth 7), cysts, crowding and inflammation.
So, wisdom teeth should be removed in these following cases:

+ They come in at the wrong angle
Your mouth just has enough space for 28 teeth, so when wisdom teeth appear, they may press the another teeth, hit the teeth 7. If you don't remove those teeth, they can destroy teeth 7 or lead to crowding, then you have to pay more money for remove; then implant or pay for orthodontic treatment to have beautiful smile.
+ They have cavities or gum disease
+ There is no room for wisdom teeth
+ They are broken

There are 4 simple steps within 1 appointment to remove your wisdom teeth:
Step 1: Examination and X-rays
The oral surgeon will check all your teeth and give you an panoramic X-ray to check the relationship between wisdom teeth and the other. The X-ray also allow you and the doctor to know how many wisdom teeth should be removed.
In some specific cases, 3D scan is requested to make sure the surgery will be processed safely.
In this step, you should share with your doctor about your medical history, such as allergy, fever, cardiological diseases, low/high blood pressure.
Step 2: Local anesthesia
The surgeon will give you an injection to numb you mouth.
Step 3: Remove your wisdom teeth
Depending on the number of wisdom teeth need to be extracted and your wish, your doctor will pull out 1, 2 or all of your wisdom teeth.
Step 4: Staunch the wound and instruction for home care
Once the surgery is finished, you doctor will stanch your wound. He may stitch your wound, so that your wound can be healed quickly.
Finally, a prescription and instruction for home care will be given to you.

Why you should choose Home Dental Clinic for wisdom teeth pulled out:
+ Modern In-house image diagnostics system with panoramic X-ray and 3D cone beam CT, which allows the surgeon to control all the risks may happen during process.
+ Easy and safe surgery with the support of Piezotome. Piezotome is less traumatic, causes little to no bleeding, and greatly accelerates healing times.
+ Experienced oral surgeons who will carefully remove your wisdom teeth
+ Strict sterilization under European standard EN 1717.

How much do I pay for having my wisdom tooth removed?
We use Piezotome for our wisdom tooth extraction service. It costs $44/tooth for the upper one and $88/tooth for the lower one.


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