Why you should choose Home Dental Clinic for your dental implants

Why you should choose Home Dental Clinic for your dental implants


There are more and more people traveling to Vietnam for their dental implants and we have welcome hundereds of foreigners who choose Vietnam to restore their missing teeth. Here below are their reasons:


  1. "I saved more than $2000 for each dental implant"

If you are living in Australia, New Zealand, American or Europe, you must know that the medical cost is very high to be compare with the average income. Dentistry is not exceptional.

A quick search on the internet will show you that, you have to pay at least $3000 for a cheap dental implant and the number will be up to $7000 for high quality one. And you must be surpised that a good dental implant at Home Dental Clinic Vietnam is just $800 and the world top one is $1400 only. The price includes single implant, abutment and crown.



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Good dental implant

High quality dental implant





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  1. "I enjoyed German standard treatment and facilities"

Home Dental Clinic is the only German standard clinic in Hanoi, verified by the Embassy of German in Vietnam. Our doctors are well trained in Germany and all of our mechanery is imported directly from Germany.

December 2017, The Embassy sent PhD Christoph Klose to Home Dental to check the quality of all our equipment. After that, Home Dental was listed as the only trust-worthy German standard dental clinic.


  1. "I'm totally satisfied with the services"

The whole experience at Home Dental Clinic will be a highlight of your dental holiday in Vietnam. There is no language barrier as both our staff and doctor speak English fluently.

Decent doctors, reasonable prices, smooth communication, modern facilities and friendly staff will make you feel comfortable. Especially, you'll have a good treatment result which changes your life and your smile.

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