Implicit wisdom teeth is one of the complications of wisdom teeth, causing many effects on the teeth in particular and the health in general.

If not detected and treated soon, it will lead to many negative effects. Let's join Home Dental to learn more about wisdom teeth that grow underground according to the article below.

Implicit wisdom teeth lead to pain and damage to other teeth and dental problems. In some cases, implicit wisdom teeth may not cause an obvious or immediate problem. But because they are difficult to clean, they can lead to more tooth decay and gum disease than other teeth.

Implicit wisdom teeth that cause pain or other complications are often removed. Some dentists and oral surgeons also recommend removing the affected wisdom teeth without causing symptoms to prevent future problems.

Symptoms of implicit wisdom teeth

When your teeth are unable to penetrate the bone or gums properly, the gumtissue or the covering on the teeth will be difficult to clean properly. When food and bacteria get stuck and get stuck in these areas, it can cause chronic swelling and infection. Ringingitis is a common swelling of the flap that often causes pain and difficulty chewing. Below are the most common symptoms of implicit wisdom teeth:

• Swollen gums
• Bleeding tooth
• Gingivitis
• Jaw pain
• Swelling around the jaw
• Bad breath
• Unpleasant taste in the mouth
• Difficulty opening your mouth.


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